Es Zopiclone tablets USP Zunestar 3mg (UK-WW)

Es Zopiclone tablets USP Zunestar 3mg (UK-WW)


Zunestar 3mg tablets are a medication containing Zopiclone USP, primarily used for the treatment of insomnia. Each tablet contains 3mg of Zopiclone, a nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic agent that acts on the central nervous system to induce sleep.

Key Features:

  • Brand Name: Zunestar
  • Form: Tablets
  • Dosage: 3mg
  • Primary Category: Benzodiazepine (Benzos)
  • Usage: Treatment of insomnia
  • Prescription Required: Yes
  • Controlled Substance: Yes
  • Legal Status: Prescription-only medication
  • Shipping: UK to Worldwide
  • Additional Key Feature: Rapid onset of action
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