Mushroom Capsules 300mg

Mushroom Capsules 300mg


We are delighted to start offering our mushrooms in capsule form. Each 00 vegetarian gel cap will contain apporximately 300mg of raw mushroom powder. Just FYI some capsules may be slightly over or slightly under (between 250mg-350mg) but 300mg is the average. Currently these are a combo of Tidal Wave and Ghost.

A word on dosing: These 300mg capsules do have a psychoactive effect (unless of course you have a high body mass or a high tolerance). Taking one capsule is not what I would consider a *micro-dose*. A microdose is a smaller amount (say maybe 100mg depending on body weight) and should have little to no psychoactive affects. Not so with these – one capsule will make you feel something, it might not be much but you should get *a little high* from one capsule. You will absolutely feel something on 2 capsules and 3 should have mild visual distortions. 4 or more and youre moving into a full on psychedelic experince. Also: These look like regular gel caps with regular old supplements so please handle responsibly and do not leave them lying around. Safety first homies.

Key Features:

  • Brand Name: [Brand Name]
  • Strength: 300mg per capsule
  • Class: Herbal supplement
  • Form: Capsules
  • Shipping: We offer shipping within the US (US to US)
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